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I hereby register for the BIG-EU Plugfest to be held June 17 – 19, 2020 in Zug, Switzerland.


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Developer Presentation
Three slots for developer presentations are available. Please feel free to apply for an informal 15-minute presentation about a BACnet related subject that is relevant to the Plugfest and that you feel would form an interesting basis for discussion. If there are more than 3 applications, we reserve the right to make the final selection.

Nondisclosure Agreement
Each attendee of BIG-EU Plugfest 2020 is required to enter into a Nondisclosure Agreement as a condition of attendance. The following constitutes the required Nondisclosure Agreement. Please read carefully, as by signing below, you are agreeing to these terms and to be bound by them.

The purpose of the Plugfest is to identify interoperability problems in BACnet products and the BACnet Standard; and this requires an environment in which participants feel comfortable discussing product functionality. Many participants will bring unreleased products, and other participants must respect their privacy. All participants agree to keep confidential, any information received about other companies' products during The Plugfest, for a period of one year. The BTL will collect information on interoperability problems identified during the Plugfest, and that information may be discussed among participants in the BTL's testing activities for purposes that are consistent with the charter of the BTL. All participants agree that The Plugfest is not a forum for discussions related to sales, marketing, business development, distribution, or any other related matters.

I agree that, as an attendee, I will not disclose any results of any interoperability tests conducted during the Plugfest or any knowledge gained during the Plugfest of another attendee's implementations.

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The fee includes three lunches, snacks and drinks in during the breaks as well as the social event on the evening of the first day.

Payment of Registration Fee
The Plugfest fee (EURO only) must be paid by bank transfer after receiving an invoice to:

Marketing Direct GbR
Droste-Hülshoff-Str. 1
44141 Dortmund

  • Credit card payments will not be accepted.
  • Please contact your financial department before your online registration to check if you need to generate an order with PO# and add it to the box below:
  • Participants/Companies from countries outside Germany, based in the EU can enter a VAT ID number. Any tax liability is the responsibility of participant (Reverse Charge Procedure).
  • Participants/Companies from countries outside the EU have to pay the registration fee without German VAT.
  • Once your application has been received and accepted, you will receive a mail with a confirmation and an invoice/PDF attached. Please forward this invoice to your accounting department for immediate payment.

    Any cancellation will be free of charge. Fees will be totally refunded.

Team Information

The team name will be used to indicate which team you belong to. Each member of your team must use the same team name.

If you check this box, you will be the main contact person for your team. IMPORTANT: We will ask for your device information details at a later date. The team captain will receive a mail to fill asking for all details of devices and pairings.